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Future Imperfect: Doctor Who on Sci-Fi

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Well, Doctor Who’s second season will air on Sci-Fi in October, as previously rumored. That’s all good news. On the other hand, the second Doctor’s debut episode, the Christmas Invasion, will be held off on Sci-Fi until the Christmas holidays.

While there is an obvious synergy in that timing, that’s really a stupid decision by the suits. The episode that sets up the new Doctor’s character is going to air near the end of the season’s run! That’s bass-ackwards, as my father would say. When are the executives at these stations going to learn to stop screwing with story progression for stupid marketing stunts?

UPDATE: Looks like the early reports were wrong! The Christmas Invasion will be shown in the initial 2-hour block kicking off the series. Apparently our benevolent Sci-Fi Channel overlords are smarter than initially thought.