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CEOs – taking more than their share?

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I ran across this quote while looking for something totally unrelated – examples of podcasts as currently in use for internal corporate training – but it blew me away. I knew the split had grown, but holy cow…

The ratio of average CEO pay to average production worker pay:
1982 – 42:1
1990 – 107:1
2001 – 525:1
2004 – 431:1
At least the gap may have started to close the last few years.

I don’t know. Something seems wrong about that kind of disparity. I do recognize the stress and difficulty that the higher level executive positions entail, and I accept that their pay rate should be higher because of the responsibility they carry. But this kind of a gap just seems wrong. It would be interesting to see that number from longer than just 24 years ago. Have there been jumps and resets like this before?