Daily Archives: September 1, 2006

Agassi: Still alive

Agassi wins second round match

Andre Agassi survived his battle with 8th seed Marcos Baghdatis tonight to move into the third round of play.

BaghdatisI only saw about half of the final set of this match, but what an interesting set. At over three hours long (when I joined), the whole match seemed to have been interesting, based on the scores. At 2-2 in the 5th, the players still seemed to be playing at the top of their form, and appropriately, they stayed on serve through the next few games.

Suddenly, in the middle of a game, Baghdatis was hopping around with a pained expression and then could barely move. Apparently, he had serious cramping in his thigh. More than once I thought he would have to concede with only a few games left to play. But somehow he managed to play through the game – even more impressively because he kept bringing the score back to deuce. In that game alone there were 21 points played. He got some treatment during the change-over, but had obviously not completely recovered as he continued to play through the pain.

It was painful to watch him move, honestly. But even more painful was the occasional booing he received. People are such idiots.

They stayed on serve until the final game. Some of the points were spectactular, especially given Baghdatis’ impairment. Some… not so much. It looked to me like Andre’s game was really thrown by watching his opponent limp around. But in the end, Andre took the match and will move on.

More Agassi to come!