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Review: Firewall

Though it didn’t do too well in the box office, this movie worked for me – all the way until the last scene. The end was the one place where what was needed just happened to be there without any previous set up. And in the DVD extras, I found out why: they hadn’t written the final fight scene until just before it was shot, and they designed the set to fit the fight. That part didn’t work for me, but it was close enough that it didn’t ruin it for me either.

The rest of the [tag]movie[/tag], though, was very good. In a nice break from most films that feature heavy computer use, the applications used were all very realistic, and lacking in the typical “Hollywood GUI” that drives programmers crazy. The tactic for the [tag]heist[/tag] was also one that would most likely be successful.

The tension was good, too. While for most of the movie I was positive the family would come to no real harm, there were a couple of times that I questioned that assumption, if only for a moment.

[tag]Harrison Ford[/tag] was of course excellent in the “normal guy cum hero” role that he has played so many times. The unfortunate part of that is that he has played it so many times that the characters aren’t always as differentiated as they should be. But there’s no denying that he does it well.

Overall, I’d give this one a three star rating.

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