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Heroes: Last minute notes!

Interviews & Features – NBC’s Heroes: The Show’s Secrets Unmasked! | TVGuide.com

The show finally premieres tonight at 9pm! I just ran across this TVGuide.com article with some interesting news. For one thing, there will be no “let’s get everyone together and form a team” moment (a la X-Men), and there will be no lack of action. Tim Kring has promised that things won’t be dragged out for 4 or 5 episodes without anything major happening.

In fact, during Episode 2, you just may find yourself looking at the series’ — yes, the about-to-premiere series’ — big finale, the apocalyptic moment, set but five weeks into the show’s future, which our collection of “differently enabled peoples,” to fashion a PC term, presumably will be called upon to prevent.

“No, I don’t have an ending,” Kring says. He then allows, “I have a place where I think it could end, but that ending could be stretched if I need to.”

Set your DVR/VCR now!