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LinkList: Sci-fi edition

I find a lot of stuff that I want to share, but that doesn’t make it into a blog post of its own, for whatever reason (usually a lack of time and/or energy).

If I’m subscribed to the feeds, those interesting posts generally make it into my Google Reader Shared Posts page (currently in the right sidebar here, though I’m going to move it to it’s own page once I figure out how to get the Javascript to work in WordPress). For the other posts I run across, I’m going to start periodically creating a “link list” post like this one. At the moment, I’m thinking I’ll try to categorize the links, but I’m still figuring out what will work best so that may change.

So, that’s enough with the extended preamble. On to the links!

Which Operating System would your favorite Sci-Fi characters choose?
» Spock loves Linux, Vader is a Mac Daddy | Geekend | TechRepublic.com

The History of Sci-Fi, written by the fans
BBC – My Science Fiction Life
Thoughts and memories about all the sci-fi we grew up with, from the 1930’s to today, across all “platforms” – books, movies, TV, radio, comics, etc. – chosen and examined by users.

Justice League Of America – The Movie?
Slice of Scifi – Science Fiction TV & Movie News, Interviews & more » JLA Finally Coming to Theaters? Keep Your Fingers Crossed!
In theory this is really cool. In practice, I don’t think they’ll pull it off. In addition to the casting issues the post mentions, there’s the problem of trying to fit all those characters into a 2 hour movie. It’s hard enough to get a single fully fleshed out superhero character in a film, let alone seven. The closest movie to pull that off was X-Men, and they really only focused on Logan (Wolverine) and Rogue in that one.