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APRs and APYs – What’s the difference?

The Simple Dollar » An Introduction To Compound Interest With Spreadsheets, Part 2: Monthly Compound Interest, APRs, and APYs

I was never really clear on the difference between Annual Percentage Rate (APR) and Annual Percentage Yield (APY). Trent has cleared things up for me with a good article (really part two of a trilogy) about compound interest.

Whenever a bank mentions an interest rate to you, they’ll give you the APR when they’re lending you money but give you the APY when you deposit money with them. To the uneducated, it makes the offer seem better, because almost everyone outside of the financial industry uses these values interchangeably. Thus, when you see a savings account with a 5.05% APY, the actual interest rate they’re giving you is lower; you can just earn a 5.05% overall return if you don’t touch the money at all.

For the full explanation, click through.

(On a side note, he’s also beginning to sell me on the OpenOffice suite…)

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Is she, or isn’t she?

Computer-Generated Image Looks Exactly Like a Beautiful Woman – Gizmodo

Click the link above to see a completely CG image of a real Korean actress. Those of you with keen eyes and a knowledge of image manipulation may be able to tell the difference between this “photo” and a real photo, but I assure you, I could not – even after reading the comments from the self-proclaimed experts saying exactly what tipped them off.

On a different site, you can see how it was done.

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Review: Cheaper by the Dozen 2

I enjoyed the original Cheaper by the Dozen. [tag]Steve Martin[/tag] is one of my favorite comedic actors, and [tag]Bonnie Hunt[/tag] combines sweet and funny better than almost anyone. Adding [tag]Eugene Levy[/tag], another hilarious actor (given the right role), to the mix should have upped the ante and made it funnier, but it really didn’t.

Dozen 2 was sweet, funny at times, and a nice family movie. It was also rather bland, predictable, and formulaic. There were some good “parental learning moments” in the film, but not much growth by the kids, with the exception of [tag]Tom Welling[/tag]’s character and his female counterpart in Levy’s family. While there was not much substance to it, I think those two actors handled their roles very well and made their characters the only ones that I wanted to see more. They also acted very naturally together, which wasn’t the case for the majority of the roles. Bonnie Hunt was an exception in that she made almost every interaction she had seem natural with every character.

In the end, while it was predictable, it was also enjoyable – a nice way to pass 90 minutes if you’re trying to relax. Three stars.

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