Jedi training in Philly

By | June 11, 2007

Wizard Entertainment

The “New York Jedi” are making a stop at the “Wizard World” convention in Philadelphia this coming weekend. They’ll even train people on sword choreography! Sounds like a fun time. That’s almost enough to get me to drive out there and get my geek on.

The New York Jedi, a group of costumers, performers, actors & non-actors, and martial artists who have a particular passion for sword fighting with light sabers (not real ones kids, don’t worry) will make their first appearance at Wizard World Philadelphia – June 15-17th! Learn from the masters on Saturday and Sunday by taking part in their classes throughout the weekend featuring sabre battle demos, Padawan Academy for kids 13 and younger and basic sabre choreography. A formal Jedi Academy class will be held Sunday, June 17th at 4 pm in the Marshall Rogers Room. FREE SABRES TOO! A limited number of Hasbro light sabres will be given out at various Jedi classes throughout the weekend!*

Man… somebody should open a swordfighting choreography camp near me. I’ve been a sucker for that kind of stuff since I first saw Errol Flynn in “Robin Hood,” then Star Wars pushed me right over the top! I used to practice all the moves – mostly against trees, unfortunately, but hey…. I never lost. I did have a quick dual with a guy who was in a fencing class once, and he said I was pretty good. That was a long, long time ago, though.

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5 thoughts on “Jedi training in Philly

  1. davew

    That’s almost enough to get me to drive out there and get my geek on.

    Heck you wouldn’t even have to drive. Let’s go! It’s good to know you’ll be there to protect me if the locals get rough.

    Note the website is and they have a number of youtube videos where they demonstrate the techniques.


  2. Jeff Post author

    Some of those videos are pretty cool. (For the sake of convenience, here’s the nyjedi site.)

    Dave… I’m about as tempted as I can be for these kind of things, but it’s not in the cards this time. I’m sure Ben will protect you…

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  4. Jeff Post author

    Oh, that’s a shame. Those are neat videos.

    Looks like the site is just suspended, though, so I guess it’s possible they’ll pay their bill and reopen it.

    And thanks for stopping by, Chris.

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