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Initial thoughts – Premiere week pt 1

I’ll be jotting down my initial thoughts of the shows I watch that premiere this week.

Tonight, I intended to watch the NBC shows Chuck, Heroes, and Journeyman. I missed Chuck, but taped it so I may comment on it later.

Heroes: I loved season 1. This episode had a hard job in picking up and reintroducing a large cast of characters, plus adding new ones. As a result, this would likely have confused anyone not already familiar with the show. However, my thoughts were:

  • how the heck is Nathan alive?
  • I really want to know more about Hiro’s father’s powers. Very disappointed in how that seems to be turning out.
  • I’m intrigued.

Journeyman: I love time travel stories. My thoughts:

  • Somebody should fire the sound mixer. Half the time I couldn’t make out the conversations because of competing sounds or music.
  • Mostly bored for the first 25 minutes.
  • Totally got my interest when Olivia showed up in the hallway. Unfortunately I couldn’t make out everything she said to him in the stupid stairwell!
  • Looks like they might throw in some conspiracy stuff.
  • Not an incredibly strong premiere, but good enough to get me in for a few more episodes.

Next up: catch up on Chuck, then on to Bionic Woman on Wednesday.

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