Daily Archives: September 27, 2007

Initial thoughts – Premiere week pt 2

Got caught up on some stuff tonight:

Chuck: Entertaining. Pretty light. I’ll see if it pulls me in more, but it seems like one of those shows that I’ll catch if I happen to see it on.

Bionic Woman: Certainly grittier than the original. They did some cool stuff. The scene in the hospital when she first wakes up was pretty cool. It has some interesting stuff in it, and I can see how they could make it very involved. As a one shot pilot… eh. I wasn’t on the edge of my seat at the end. And I kept waiting for someone to say he was Oscar Gordon.

Smallville: Good stuff. Nice wrap up of the season finale cliffhanger. Still left some open ended questions. I did think the introduction of Kara was a little confusing, but I’m assuming they’ll iron that out shortly. Can’t wait to see what happened to Lionel. Want to hear more about Chloe’s power. Lana… big shock. NOT. Preview makes the season look promising. Looks like Clark is finally going to get some serious training! Lex? Well…. I doubt he’ll reform for more than 1 episode. He’s gotta go over the edge this year.

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