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“Free” business cards

Free business cards! That’s pretty cool. Via the excellent Parent Hacks site (see below) I’ve now found two online printing companies that will print business cards for free. You have to pay shipping/handling charges, which probably amount to about $5, but that’s not bad.

The two sites are VistaPrint and ooprint. VistaPrint.com provides 42 design options and 250 cards, while ooprint.com provides 32 options and 100 cards.

Obviously this is a benefit for small (very small) businesses, and they’re hoping to get you to print more with them. However, as Parent Hacks points out, there are other reasons to use business cards beyond the obvious:

Free(ish) family business cards simplify playdates and more: Parent Hacks

We use them to facilitate playdate set-up, as a quick reference for babysitters (in addition to our list of emergency info), as luggage tags and I put one in the back pocket of each kid when we go to crowded venues.

That’s a pretty smart idea. Good thinking. Here’s another idea: use them when you move into a new neighborhood to give to your new neighbors. I know I am terrible with names and it would benefit me to see names written down, plus the process of exchanging phone numbers would be much easier. The same would apply for attending a new church, or social gathering, even if you’re single.

Heh… if you’re single, you could give them out to potential dates; or if you’re desperate, just leave them lying around in malls or bars…

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