Movie news roundup – Sci-Fi and comics lovers, rejoice!

By | May 7, 2008

Lots of news and some rumors hitting the net lately… here are the best of the bunch for Sci-Fi and comics lovers:

The next Stargate SG-1 film titled Stargate: Continuum now has a July 29 DVD release date.

Marvel has announced that Iron Man 2 has been confirmed for release in 2010, in addition to a movie about Thor. Also reported: the Avengers and Captain America (with Matthew McConaughey as the lead?) in 2011.

Also announced by Marvel: an Ant Man movie, though the timeline for the film is unknown. (This is where they start to lose me… Ant Man? Seriously? I think they’re stretching to reach a mainstream audience with that one. My guess is his popularity in the Avengers movie will determine if this one really gets made.)

Iron Man, Tony Stark, will make a cameo in The Incredible Hulk.

Superman: Man of Steel will now not be delayed due to the “Justice League of America” film but is geared up for a 2009 release with Brandon Routh back as Superman.

Both Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull and The Dark Knight will run over 140 minutes. In fact, The Dark Knight may run close to three hours.

Speaking of The Dark Knight, director Christopher Nolan has signed on for a third Batman feature, and Christian Bale has expressed interest as well. Details of plot are even starting to circulate – apparently the film will focus on Two-Face and may introduce Robin, following the plot of the graphic novels “The Long Halloween” and “Dark Victory” for a rough outline.

5 thoughts on “Movie news roundup – Sci-Fi and comics lovers, rejoice!

  1. dragon

    i like all of the comics so the movies should be good.

    but come on ant man

  2. elle

    What! So Brandon Routh is playing Superman in the Justice League Move? If thats true that really sucks! I really wanted Tom Welling to play the man of steel. I think Tom Welling is way better looking and could play the part the best. This movie is going to suck without him. Tom Welling has played the role for 7 years he really deserves the part! I am so MAD!!! Love you Tom! You are my Superman

  3. Jeff Post author

    elle – no, Routh is not in the Justice League movie, just the Man of Steel. I forget who’s in Justice League (and it may have changed since I last heard before the writer’s strike), but it’s not Routh or Welling.

    [Edit: after further review, it seems the Justice League movie is just plain dead… and in my opinion it’s better that way]

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