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Review: Stargate: Continuum

Everybody dies. Some of them more than once.

Usually, that kind of statement is either a joke or a major spoiler, but then, this is a time travel movie, so I really haven’t told you anything of any importance. Or have I? In a time travel movie, it’s all about when you die that matters.

Stargate: Continuum is a fun return to the lives of the SG-1 team. There were two main story threads left unresolved when the television show was canceled in its record-breaking 10th season. One was the completion of the Ori story (told in the movie The Ark of Truth), and the other was the fate of the final Goauld System Lord, Ba’al. This movie delivers a nice slice of Ba’al totally eradicating Stargate Command and executing his plan for the dominion of Earth. It’s all up to our intrepid team of heroes, who must once again come from behind to save the Earth.

Time travel movies are tough to pull off. It’s easy to get trapped in a paradoxical loop of events. I think this movie handled that very well, with only one hole that immediately comes to mind, and it’s a minor one.

There are also some excellent action sequences. The effects, while not perfect, were very good.

While almost every SGC character (and many Goaulds) from the series makes at least a cameo in this film, the story centers around Daniel, Carter, and Mitchell. All 10 seasons from the show are represented in one way or another, but you don’t have to know any of it to appreciate this story. It really is a good story that proves that SG-1 still has legs (most of them, anyway), and I’d be happy to see more movies in the future. However, if this were to be the last SG-1 story, I think it serves as a good conclusion to the series.

Oh, and when I said everyone dies? I lied.