Daily Archives: October 9, 2008

Rearrange your Taskbar buttons, and more!

Gizmo’s – Drag, Click & Snap Windows and Taskbar Buttons into Position | Gizmo’s Tech Support Alert

I have been looking for a utility that will let me rearrange those stupid Windows Taskbar buttons. I like to keep my email client as the first program on my taskbar. Sometimes it crashes (these things happen) and I have to reopen it, but to get it back to the beginning of the line again, I had to close all my other programs and then reopen them in the order I wanted. If I’m running a couple of browsers with 18+ tabs each (not that unusual), that’s a huge pain in the neck.

Finally, Taskbar Shuffle comes to the rescue! My thanks to the contributor over at Gizmo’s site, who listed that software and three other Taskbar and Windows management tools.