Will you win?

By | November 11, 2008

For the first time ever, this blog is involved in a contest. This isn’t like a “who’s got the best blog” kind of thing, but one that gives you the chance to win a prize. I know, I know… that’s mighty nice of me, isn’t it?

Well, to be honest, I’m not really the man behind the curtain on this one. The contest is actually being run by Andy over at commentluv.com. That’s one of the plug-ins I use on this blog (it appends the “last post” link to commenters who have their own blogs). Andy apparently has some stuff to give away and has decided to run it this way, so we can all benefit from his beneficence.

So here’s the deal:

You have to comment somewhere on this blog (not necessarily this post). The comment has to be relevant to the post – spam is disqualified, as is the “oh, pick me! pick me!” kind of nonsense. You also have to meet Andy’s requirements (copied below):

  • You must be registered at CommentLuv.com and have your site url registered and verified.
  • You must also have a profile description entered at CommentLuv.com.
  • You cannot spam.
  • You do not need to have CommentLuv installed on your own site.

So in order to win, you must have a site of your own. It doesn’t have to be an old one, though… it can be brand spanking new. There are plenty of ways to start your own site for free.

After you post the comment, if you win, you’ll see a prize notification link in your comment (in the “Last post” area). Click on that link and fill out the details on the “Claim Your Prize” page to receive the prize. The first two winners got a 2GB memory card.

So go ahead and start commenting away! You might just win. (contest runs through 11/21 or so)

29 thoughts on “Will you win?

  1. Jeff Post author

    No problem, Dan. Right back at ya.

    Btw, your’s was one of the most interesting sites I’ve found via this contest so far.

  2. Jeff Post author

    You know, the most annoying this about this contest, though, is that I can’t win by posting on my own blog… grrr.

  3. Andy Bailey

    @Jeff: the last person to win won on their own blog, as long as you’re not doing repeat comments too close together then there is nothing stopping you from winning on your own blog if you’re logged out. make sure you don’t double call the last blog post while you’re commenting though or you could lose out on the prize. you also need to comment on a certain amount of blogs to qualify for a winner.

    happy commenting!

    Andy Baileys latest blog post..5 Reasons Blog Readers Love Commentluv

  4. Jeff Post author

    Yeah, I saw that, and was confused until I saw Andy’s comment here. Seems kind of weird to log out to comment on your own blog, though…. 😉

  5. Andy Bailey

    Congratulations!! I have received the stats that the script sends me and it says that out of the last 5 blogs you commented on, it can find 3 that have the last blog post showing. The other 2 will probably have them in the moderation queue.
    it looks like you might have been commenting at a different IP before you got the winner, where you blog commenting at work? naughty naughty :-)

    all your other comments are find and it’s just coincedence that you happen to get it on your own blog.

    well done and keep commenting! please send me your postal address to the email I used for this message.

    Andy Baileys latest blog post..5 Reasons Blog Readers Love Commentluv

  6. Jeff Post author

    Ha ha.. yeah, I made the “logged out” comment from my work laptop…. don’t tell anyone.

    Thanks! You’ll get the address soon.

  7. Jeff Post author

    heh… good luck, Mitch!

    Thanks for dropping by. Hope to see you again!

  8. Lee

    Is it really bad that I didn’t read the email this morning regarding this comp? I guess I should mention it somewhere :)

  9. Lee

    Damn – it won’t pick up my site – keeps saying it is timed out – come on CommentLuv not a good way to get a good rap out of me!!!

  10. Jeff Post author

    Well, you can’t win if you don’t play…

    I’m still shocked I won something. I just figured it’d be an interesting way to find new sites and increase traffic.

  11. Jeff Post author

    I saw on one of his posts somewhere that his server was getting hammered from time to time… I’d imagine that’s part of the problem. I’ve noticed some of my comments on your site are missing the “last post” bit every once in a while.

    The internet is a fickle mistress, ain’t it?

  12. Jeff Post author

    Yeah, this really is a fun way to find new blogs, in my opinion. Makes it a little more exciting.

    Thanks for stopping by. Hope to hear from you again. And good luck!

  13. Jeff Post author

    Hey, Lee… you might have a problem with your feed or something. I just got your Silver Surfer feed within the last few hours, even though it’s apparently about 18 hours old. That could be a problem on my end, too, though.

  14. Jeff Post author

    Hey Lavern. Thanks for stopping by, and good luck! Don’t forget to come by again.

  15. Jeff Post author

    Well, thanks! I think I can say you’re the first person who’s confirmed to me that they’ve subscribed. Everyone else just flies under the radar… :)

    Please don’t forget to speak up in the future, as well!

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