Daily Archives: January 17, 2009

The fifth Cylon – say what? (w/spoilers)

Okay… that was one moody episode of Battlestar Galactica. Fair warning. If you haven’t seen the first of the final 10 episodes, turn back now. There be major spoilers ahead.

So… wow.

I’m not quite sure what to say about that episode.

If the episode was designed to make us feel sort of aimless and disconcerted, mission accomplished. The scenes just kind of meandered. Lots of jumping from person to person, with mostly little bits of scene, and very little dialogue. I did get the impression of the wind being knocked out of everyone’s sails. So good job on that bit.

There didn’t seem to be much urgency about anything. Well, until Dee blew her own head off. That’s one Cylon candidate off the rolls. I actually think they handled that pretty well, though I’m sorry to see her go.

Tigh and the rest of the final 4… interesting that they remembered being here 2000 years ago.

But Tigh walking into the water seemed weird. Kinda like an afterthought. It didn’t seem to belong. And to have that lead to the revelation of the fifth Cylon, and that it was his wife, seemed anti-climactic. His wife’s been dead for quite a while now (heck, she didn’t even make it to my poll). And she was a bit of a lame character to begin with. I hope as the story progresses it’ll make more sense, but as it stands, I think I’m a bit put-off by it.

A couple other things: If Earth was a Cylon colony, why do they have to be invented 50 years prior to BSG? And if Earth was a Cylon colony, why do we see so many different people in Tyrol’s flashback? Shouldn’t it have been the same 12 over and over again? Or am I misremembering that, and it really was a bunch of clones?

Lots of unanswered questions. A bit of a disappointing reveal. The Starbuck story looks interesting. Seems like there has to be a cloning or time travel aspect to that one.

I say everyone’s really a Cylon.