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Tuesday TubeWatch: MacGyvering Star Wars

[Note: recent events in my life have conspired to prevent me from putting together the vote scheduled for this week. I’ll get back to it. It’s not like you all seem to be clamoring for it anyway… but this does give you the chance to continue nominating entries.]

I simply can’t watch this enough times. I have no idea what’s wrong with me, but I love this. What warped genius got the idea to recreate the MacGyver opening credits with Star Wars? And they did a great job, too!

Apparently there’s a whole set of “opening credits” videos out there using theme songs from different TV shows (predominantly from the ’80s for some reason).

Here’s the Star Wars “Dallas” opening… not one of my favorites, but I was never a Dallas fan.

And of course, “Airwolf” gets in there with both a Rebel Forces version…

And an Imperial Forces version!

There are more, but I’ll let you go find them.

What other opening credit mashups would be fun?

The Atahualpa Whallop

I’m looking to start a new blogging project online. Hopefully it’ll come together soon. I’m just in the planning stages now, but one of the things I’m considering is what the blog will look like. In tooling around the available themes for WordPress, I came across one that leapt out at me and started jumping up and down on my chest, slapping my face, shouting “Look at me! LOOK AT ME!!!”

The first thing that got my attention was the name: Atahualpa. A theme named after the last emperor of the Incan Empire. Great choice. It’s hard to ignore all those “a”s.

The next thing was the claim of customizability. It claimed to be either fixed- or flexible-width, 2 or 3 column, republican or democrat… and that you could control almost every aspect of the theme easily.

Well, I downloaded it and looked for myself. The claims are true… mostly.

You can control just about everything, to a much more granular level than I’ve seen in any other theme, right through the settings page, without opening the style.css file. It’s amazing the level of flexibility this thing affords. Check out the list of sub-pages on the Settings page…

The list of categories you can control in Atahualpa - many with multiple options each

The list of categories you can control in Atahualpa - many with multiple options each

There have got to be well over a hundred individual items you can style and control through this Settings page. It’s crazy.

The flexibility is great, but even though you don’t have to enter the style.css file, these settings aren’t for the faint of heart. Quite a few of the settings are just text boxes for you to enter CSS. There is a lot of guidance and great examples, but you gotta know CSS if you’re gonna mess with the default much. There’s no getting around it.

If you like the default, though, or there are just a couple small things you want to change, this may be a great style even for the CSS-ignorant. You just gotta ask for a little help from someone who knows what they’re looking at.

Here’s how this site would look with the default settings:

Caddickisms with the default Atahualpa look

Caddickisms with the default Atahualpa look

For me, this theme is right on the edge. I like the basic default look, but there are a lot of little things I want to change. I love to tinker, too, but this may be a time when there are just too many options. I’m almost overwhelmed and that’s making it hard to focus on exactly what I want to alter.

Still, this is the best alternative theme for Caddickisms I’ve found yet. If I can determine what to change and then find those options, this might just be the next look for the site.

I think I’m going to go with something else for the new project, though.

Tuesday TubeWatch Contest: Smothered in Classic Comedy

The Smothers Brothers have the classic team act perfected. They are right up there with Abbott and Costello, and Laurel and Hardy. I remember loving their TV show when I saw reruns as a kid. I was excited when the prospect of a relaunch came up in the ’80s, but it turned into just a reunion show. Still, I was glad to get to see some newer stuff.

Here’s one of their early bits:

Even after seeing that 5 times through, I still laugh at the jokes. That’s the mark of truly classic comedy, in my opinion: if it can continue to elicit genuine laughter after multiple viewings, it gets my vote.

What gets your vote? What are your favorite comedy bits? Drop a link in the comments below, or use the contact form to send me a link to your favorite comedy bit (keep it clean) from YouTube or whatever video service you prefer. Next week, I’ll pull them all together into a post and we can vote on the funniest finds and crown a winner. Multiple entries are fine, but if I get more than ten I’ll pick my favorites to include. If I don’t get many entries, I’ll pick my own favorites.

Now, just to keep it interesting, I’m disqualifying “Who’s on First?”. That’s the gold standard routine in almost everyone’s book, so it would be unfair to put others against it. I can’t let it go without surfacing though, so here it is:

Don’t forget to send in your entries! Let’s crown the kings (or queens) of comedy!

Aquaman: Lover, Fighter, or just all wet?

It's funnier when you hear the song.

It's funnier when you hear the song.


Of all the Justice League characters, he is perhaps the most ignored. The most ridiculed.

To be fair, he talks to fish. Some ridicule is to be expected. And really, put him up against Batman and Superman and something seems to be … lacking.

This is my new favorite superhero-related song (or see the YouTube version):

Aquamans Lament – Mark Aaron James

I never really read any Aquaman comics. All I know of him is from TV, and a smattering of guest appearances in other comics.

My first exposure to him was in the ’70s in the Superfriends cartoon. It was hard to take him seriously… but then that could be said of most characters as portrayed in that cartoon. (I only need one word to demonstrate that: Gleek. If you’ve seen the show and that doesn’t conjure up images of cheesiness in your mind, there’s something wrong with your cheese-detector.)

The most recent TV appearances have been on Smallville, and then in the aborted Aquaman TV show, Mercy Reef [my review]. They started to build a decent character there. I’m actually a little disappointed Mercy Reef didn’t get aired. It coulda been good.

But in between Superfriends and Smallville, there was Justice League (and JL Unlimited [my review]). This is from his first appearance on the show. It shows where he’ll go.

That scene gave me a new respect for Aquaman. The Aquaman in that show was hard-core. He was in a perpetual state of “keep out of my business or I’ll gut you.” But in a nice way… sort of.

Aquaman (Alex Ross version)

Aquaman (Alex Ross version)

Still… there’s something a little fishy about him. (sorry)

Show some love for Aquaman in the comments!

Tuesday TubeWatch Two-fer! Doctor Who meets Bugs Bunny!

Okay, look, here’s the thing: Doctor Who travelling to some alternate reality where he meets Bugs Bunny would be incredibly cool in a very strange, and possibly acid-induced way. It’s not happening here. But they do show up in the same post here, so … just deal with it.

First up, Doctor Who’s second special of 2009 aired on Easter:

Honestly, it looks boring. I hate to say that, but it does. I hope it turns out better than the preview. It would be a real shame if David Tennant’s tenure as the Doctor ends on a set of lackluster specials after such a great run of episodes. Time will tell, I suppose.

On to the rest of the post… thanks to a friend pointing me to the clip from Saturday’s Easter Bunny post, I have rediscovered a treasure trove of classic animation on YouTube. I had to include one of my favorite cartoons, and the best game of baseball ever played…

For an amazing analysis of this game, check out this amazing post.


Easter is here!

Aside from the obvious (and vastly more important) message, there are three notable things about church this morning:

  1. As a member of the choir, I have to be at both services this morning, which means getting up way earlier than usual.
  2. A very generous person provides excellent breakfast foods for the choir between services.
  3. I get to sing this twice:

I think that even beats the Hallelujah Chorus in my book.

Happy Easter to all!

Tuesday TubeWatch: You are being taxed to watch this

(Well, I assume that the cost of internet access is taxed everywhere, but maybe not. If you don’t get taxed for that… congratulations.)

I was doing my taxes this weekend, so I figured now was as good a time as any for a tax related post. So here you go… a song about taxes. Enjoy.

And ’cause I’m generous, here’s a bonus song! (I know, I know… I’m a giver, what can I say?)

All you ‘mer’cans… get them taxes paid! Only 8 days left!