By | April 2, 2010

Where do you fit?

Nerd Venn diagram

Do you hit the tri-fecta?

Come on, if you read this blog it’s pretty much a foregone conclusion that you’re at least a geek. You may be in the nerd category. One or two of you could be dorks. I’m not sure if we have any dweebs here, but I won’t rule it out.

It’s time to self-identify, people. Out yourselves.

I’ll start: I’m putting myself right at the border of Geek and Nerd. I’m not consistently socially inept, but I can’t say it hasn’t happened more often than I’d like.

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Come on… you can tell me. I won’t tell anyone.

2 thoughts on “Geeknerddorkdweeb

  1. Dean

    Gee, I wonder what my vote was?
    “(100%, 1 Votes) Total Voters: 1”
    Nice chart.

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