Deathly Hallows trailer released

By | June 29, 2010

Look, let’s just get right to it. If the movie is nearly as good as this trailer makes it out to be, it’s going to be awesome…

I was let down a bit by the last entry in the series, but this one (well, these two, technically) looks like it’s gonna deliver. There’s gotta be an epic battle at the school… look at all the dead (I assume) bodies scattered around Voldemort and Harry in the trailer’s last scene.

Does it need to be in 3D, though? If it was planned to be in 3D, I think it could be really well done, actually. This is a big enough movie that it could be awesome, in fact. If they’re just adding in 3D in post-production, though… that usually doesn’t work as well.

Between this and Tron: Legacy, it’s gonna be an awesome winter at the movies. In fact, I think the local movie theater is planning on having construction finished on their IMAX building just in time for this…

Remember that I haven’t read the books (yeah, yeah, I know), and have no idea what actually happens in the story. So I’d appreciate no spoilers in the comments, please.

2 thoughts on “Deathly Hallows trailer released

  1. Lee Sargent

    It is my impression and this could easily be wrong but I believe that it is all post-production as they would not have shot with the proper cameras. I’m very anti 3D at the moment, I just wish it would go away.

  2. Jeff Post author

    That’s what I figured… just too lazy to look it up.

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