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Torchwood: Children of Earth – Review

Russell T. Davies has a knack with stories. He’s very good at writing stories that – despite plot holes and cliches – have much emotional impact. I’m sure that with time I’ll look back at this mini-series with a more critical eye to the technicalities of plot, but right now, 10 minutes after the credits… Read More »

Tuesday TubeWatch: Social networking will eat your brain!

It’s a popular debate lately: are these social networking sites (Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, etc.) bad for us? Recently an Oxford professor, Baroness Susan Greenfield, made some rather provocative speculations about the cumulative effect frequent use of these sites can have on our physical brains. As reported by ars technica: Greenfield said that sites like Facebook,… Read More »

A show too controversial to make it to production today…

This show, loved by millions, and seen every year since it originally aired in 1965, would never be produced today in our politically correct world. It’s just too controversial. This show has it all: small children berating each other every few minutes; greed; self-centeredness; exclusionary behavior; insensitivity…

Facebook points to the past, and I consider the future

As I mentioned in my last post, I’ve recently reconnected with a lot of friends from my high school youth group through the wonders of Facebook. It’s been a lot of fun. There are now over 40 of us, and over 150 pictures, many of which are proof that the 80’s should never return. But… Read More »