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Thanksgiving – Epic version

Thanksgiving is a US holiday where we purposely focus on being thankful for our lives, and the people and things in them. Families get together and enjoy each others company, and many have some different great traditions about going around the table and each saying something they are thankful for, or presenting some sort of… Read More »

Does steak cost less delivered in bulk?

Earlier this week, Gather Little by Little ran an article about Omaha Steaks, and how expensive it was in comparison to the grocery store. His calculations had the meat coming in at anywhere from $38-44 per pound. Even for good steak, that’s pretty expensive. Coincidentally, I purchased bulk steak from a competitor of Omaha, US… Read More »

Grilled cheese and the science of successive approximation

Were you paying attention in those psychology classes? Do you remember the experiments where a rat was trained to press a lever to get food? It’s amazing how relevant experiments on rats can be to parenting. In pursuing my psychology degree, I took a lab where I had to perform that experiment myself. I had… Read More »

Is a meal preparation service a good deal?

Easy Meal Prep Association and Meal Assembly Directory I’m looking for ways to live cheaper. I got a tip in the comments of another blog to check out a Meal Preparatory business. The link above is a directory of these kinds of businesses. In case you aren’t familiar with the concept, the way it works… Read More »