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Utter randomness

Nothing mind blowing today. This is pretty much going to be a stream of conciousness post. We’ll see if it’s even vaguely interesting by the time it’s over. Just found Grooveshark. Loving it. On their About Us page, this was a quote one of their employees used: “If it weren’t for physics and law enforcement,… Read More »

Upgrade successful!

This time I followed the directions to delete (almost) all the WordPress files on the server before uploading the new versions. That seems to work much better than overwriting them. So far I haven’t seen any errors (though the database upgrade page was filled with errors, it also said it was successful at the end).… Read More »

Upgrading broke half my stuff!

Argh. Well, I finally upgraded WordPress to 2.3.3. I’d been putting it off because I was afraid it would break things. It ended up being worse than I thought. I’m still finding errors in the upgrade itself! I had to pull old versions of files just to get it complete the upgrade procedure. Who knows… Read More »

CoolPlayer – WordPress media plugin

[UPDATE: as you can see below, I’m having some problems with CoolPlayer – like it doesn’t work anymore. I’ve switched to the Anarchy player.] As you can see from the previous post, I’m trying out a new plugin to embed video in WordPress (the software running this blog). There are some good players out there,… Read More »

Mind Map of Learning Technologies

Nothing new going on here. I created the map for a project at work, and I wanted to test out the embedding plugin bubbl.us has for WordPress. So, for what it’s worth, here is a draft of my talking points for presenting some Learning Technology ideas to my team (click on the map and drag… Read More »