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Thoughts On a Winter Night

(I thought about calling this post Thoughts On a Winter Evening — ’cause it sounded poetic, but decided that, although it’s really only 7:15 as I begin, it most definitely feels like night. It’s January. It’s pitch black. I’m going with … Continue reading

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Climbing Mountains … Avoiding Hills

I posted recently on facebook that my 8-year-old left a note hidden in my purse before she went to school. It told me she’d miss me, that she loved me, to have fun hanging out with Dad (’cause you know, … Continue reading

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A Whole New Thing

Well, yesterday’s post chronicled our change from school-at-home to school-at-, well, school. Today, we’re going to talk a little about what my life looks like these days. To begin … I had shoulder surgery four days before school began. It … Continue reading

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Of School Rooms and Happy Times

Tonight I’m avoiding the completion a task I’ve been putting off for almost a month. Finally tonight I began it, but now I’m out of ideas and I’m tired. And I just want to quit. So … here I sit. … Continue reading

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The Eyes Have It (or Girl Time)

Here I sit. In a t-shirt, shorts, feet bare, hair in my face, having done nothing much to make myself more than casually dressed. Ahhh … but for my eyes. An 8-year-old I know has been begging me to allow her … Continue reading

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It’s Not My Thing

The other day I was on facebook. I was having a conversation with a friend about where to get little girls’ nails done for not a lot of money. I told her where we occasionally go, and her next comment to … Continue reading

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He Gathers His Lambs

I’m watching Jeff and the girls play a game on our new (though pre-owned) xbox. And by watching, I really mean not watching, just sitting nearby, listening more than anything. I’m in a reflective mood tonight. It’s the beginning of a whole … Continue reading

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You Say Noise, I Say Cacophony

This post is about noise. Let’s be clear about what I mean when I use that word in this context. There’s Sound. And then there’s Noise. The “noises” my babies made when they were happy, well, we’ll call them Sounds. For this post, Noise is … Continue reading

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For My Girls

I sit here wondering what to say. What do I have to say that is of any importance? Why should I tap out words on the laptop tonight? I have the time, and I have the desire, but I think … Continue reading

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The Wide Open Vista Called Summer

I stand here, perched on the very rim of summer, and peer over, wondering what will be. Today we closed the back cover on the book of this school year. I’m a little sad, just knowing it’s a year, a … Continue reading

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